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Thursday, November 1, 2012

From UFOs, et al: 'ET and Bigfoot - Are They Related?'

Now you know I love this!
"Para-anthropoids" -- I like it.
UFOs, et al: Recently, it has become clear that the eastern portion of the United States, particularly the area through Pennsylvania, Ohio and New Jersey, has been experiencing an ever increasing number of reported sightings of both UFOs and Big Foot which appear to be related.

It is the opinion of such astute researchers that these Big Foot creatures may be inter-dimensional.

The researchers hold that the para-anthropoids, as they have also been dubbed, may come from some "parallel universe," having the ability to slip in and out of our dimension at will.
If this were true, it might serve as an explanation for the fact that while Mr. C. fired at a 12-foot target at point blank range, saw that target jump in mid-air and immediately rushed to where the wounded creature should have fallen, he found no trace of a body.

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