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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blog Find: A Christian Perspective on Bigfoot

Here's a blog I just found out about, via Bobbie Short:A Christian Perspective on Bigfoot. That's the title of a project, and book, for Christians who've encountered Bigfoot:
For those of you that are not Christians or do not share our faith, please do not be offended. As Christians dealing with the Bigfoot phenomenon, we have some unique challenges to face. This project is an attempt to bring together a certain group of people and find some answers amongst ourselves.


Terry the Censor said...

I put that one on my RRS feed!

Scotty said...

Man, there is a ton of stuff on this topic that, really, deserves it's own book. There is all the biblical stuff about Esau, and about Cain himself being hairy and choosing to live away from people. There is a fascinating story about the Mormon
perspective when Joseph Smith (??) encounters an apparent Bigfoot while riding his horse and has a conversation with the creature.

I've been collecting a few of the 'biblical bigfoot' stories and I'll put them in a blog post soon.

Great stuff.

Terry the Censor said...

> 'biblical bigfoot' stories

Holy crap!

Your do know Judea is not in Washington State, right?