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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interview with Richard Thomas on Binnall of America

I was honored that Richard Thomas asked me for an interview; you can read it on Tim Binnall's site: A Room 101 Interview with
Regan Lee


Scotty said...

Very good interview, Regan...

To the point and with useful suggestions for those who want to learn more.

I read the first UFO/Bigfoot parallels in Linda Howe's 'Glimpses of Other Realities' and then in Thom Powell's 'The Locals' and it's just really landmark stuff. Eventually, when somebody with some more mainstream cred (Moneymaker,Meldrum) gets behind a truly weird, paranormal bit of evidence, more people will go back to those authors for reference. They'll reference you too, since so few are willing to consider the connections. You mentioned the reason for the No Kill position on BF,in part, because it is an intelligent being. I thought: you know, DOLPHINS are protected, they're intelligent beings...why not Bigfoot? So far, Bigfoot is still stealthy enough to avoid the fate of dolphins.

I believe Bigfoot, proved definitively would be the same as proving that ghosts truly exist. Tough stuff, but..maybe someday.

I emailed you a while back about a book you had mentioned you were working on...Two Tales? Something like that? Love to read it, please keep us posted on that.


Regan Lee said...

Thank you SAR. I did get your email, sorry not to respond earlier. My book remains unpublished ...