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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Gralien Report � Bigfoot is an Archetype: Sasquatch Reigns Supreme among “Folk Devils”

Micah Hanks writes a intriguing article about the more mysterious happenings in some Bigfoot encounters:The Gralien Report: Bigfoot is an Archetype: Sasquatch Reigns Supreme among “Folk Devils”:

From time to time there are reports that fall under the “Bigfoot” category that are, to put it simply, present a lot of disturbing problems for eyewitnesses. While these “high strangeness” reports (an expression that had become innate to the study of odd occurrences tucked within the realms of Forteana) are in the seldom minority, they are often overlooked by the greater cryptozoology community for a number of reasons.
Primarily, this has to do with the fact that the study of creatures like “Bigfoot,” by virtue of the designated title cryptozoology (the study of hidden animals), approaches this mystery from the perspective that these entities, whatever they may really be, are in fact some form of biological entity that closely resembles humankind. To wit, if indeed the Sasquatch myth is anything more than a myth, the best avenue, and thus the most widely accepted approach to their study, seems to be afforded us in their treatment as flesh-and-blood entities. However, when peering a bit deeper into the mystery, these “beings” may boast a number of curious elements that beg further consideration… and may similarly warrant different modes of thought applied to understanding their overall meaning.

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