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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CRYPTOZOOLOGY ONLINE: Still on the Track: NEIL ARNOLD: The Satanic Ape

Excellently spooky account of a haunted place on Wallasea Island, Essex, from Cryptozooogy. This isn't Bigfoot related at all and I don't mean to suggest there is, but there is an interesting report of an ape like creature in this story that discusses zooform phenomena.
Still on the Track: NEIL ARNOLD: The Satanic Ape: n the case of some zooform phenomena, it seems that we are dealing with negative energy as a conjurer of monsters. For instance, the county of Essex has several cases of weird manifestations presenting themselves, but they are forms which clearly are not of some biological or zoological order. At Wallasea Island there was once a place called the Devil’s House which sat on the bleak marshlands flanking the River Crouch. The house, was more for a farm-like abode and took its sinister name from its owner, a chap named Daville, although author Eric Maple notes that’, according to the old records it was known as Demon’s Tenement as far back as the time of Charles II.’

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