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Friday, March 23, 2012

Ancient Aliens Tonight!: Aliens and Bigfoot

Oh be still my beating heart! Ancient Aliens tonight, and it's all about "Aliens and Bigfoot!" Now you know I await this with great anticipation!

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S.A.R. said...

Watched it on Youtube last night.

I like the Ancient Aliens series, but realized that like anything, you have to keep your BS detector working. David Childress has some cogent remarks, and the supposition about the Annunaki and the possibility that our Bigfoot may have been created as (Endiku)a sort of slave to help with precious metals mining is both intriguing and bizarre to contemplate. I appreciate the linking of BF to UFO encounters, though, because I still maintain that there is a causal link, and that the 'Law of One' explains it even better; that Bigfoot is represented in multiple forms, including flesh, interdimensional and though form, and that all of these entities came from another place. Will we ever have a true taxonomic category for Bigfoot? I don't know, but it doesn't seem likely.