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Saturday, February 4, 2012

OCCULT VIEW: Bigfoot Sightings Explained

From OCCULT VIEW, these ponderings on what Bigfoot is. Or, isn't. Sasquatch is probably a "standing bear:"
(Bigfoot Sightings Explained)
Ever see videos of a bear standing up? It looks like Bigfoot, especially if seen in the dark. A bear may walk on two legs if it is curious and wants to get a good look at something.
I've never seen a Bigfoot so couldn't say. I have seen standing bears and I don't think I'd confuse the two, if I should be fortunate enough to see a Sasquatch. Witness narratives about their Bigfoot sightings, well, it seems obvious that they weren't mistaking a standing-walking-on-two-legs bear. The given that some cases are indeed ones of bears going through campground sites in search of food, etc. aside, suggesting that all BF sightings are bears is pretty ridiculous.

The elusive wolverine is cited as further evidence Bigfoot isn't Bigfoot:
Doesn't trying to find a wolverine resemble trying to find a Bigfoot? The difference is researchers have found their wolverines. You’d imagine in the process they’d come across a Bigfoot too, if only by accident. Instead Bigfoot appears to hang around campgrounds so it can be videotaped.
Not if Bigfoot is the intelligent, possibly supernatural (for lack of a better term) being that it appears to be. However, an interesting possibility is offered for Bigfoot:
There may be an outside chance Bigfoot is actually an esoteric entity. History is full of legends and folklore of the Wild Man, of giants and trolls and ogres. These are not physical beings, but creatures of the imagination and hard to see or define: Blurry Beings. Trying to snap the picture of a troll would probably get results similar to our current assembly of Bigfoot photos…fuzzy and indistinct. Are Bigfoot sightings actually troll sightings?
Intriguing, and the idea that Sasquatch is a fairy or elemental has been suggested in the past by others. (see Lisa Shiel: Water Gods: UFOs, Bigfoot, Fairies.) However, trolls and ogres are usually malevolent creatures; this doesn't seem to accurately describe Sasquatch behavior. I'm not sure what the writer means by "...creatures of the imagination." Does he mean the imagination of the witness, or something outside of us, the human witness?

It's true that the data bank of Sasquatch images is full of blobsquatches, but what of the Patterson film? If that is footage of a real Bigfoot, so much for "blurry." "Patty" certainly looks flesh and blood, but as some of the Fortean type BF researchers think, (including myself) Bigfoot could be both. Appearing solid at times, manifesting in ethereal ways other times.

Note: also see my article at Binnall of America: Fairies, Bigfoot and Hauntings.

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