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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Sasquatch People and their Inter-dimensional Connection– Kewaunee Lapseritis�|�Truth Seeker Forum

The Sasquatch People and their Inter-dimensional Connection– Kewaunee Lapseritis:Truth Seeker Forum

hat tip to Lesley at The Debris Field.


Lon said...

Hi Regan Lee....have you or Lesley read this book? May need to place this one on my list...Lon

Regan Lee said...

Hi Lon, it's on my list!

Phil said...

Just finished reading this book today. Author is really in touch with his inner being. Huge researcher background throughout the world. Strong Native American Indian research background. Strong dedication to his 'quest'. Excellent reading Well researched data, with numbered references. Remember this name. This book should be on Ophras list for recommended reading.

rdr565 said...

I just ordered it yesterday.

Kewaunee's 'Psychic Sasquatch' was really good, and he just sent me a blog note post that this book as 182 psychic connection accounts, and that the number of reports continues to increase.

As a side note, have you heard/read about the Ra Material, Regan?

I stumbled onto it recently and the passages explaining BF are terrifically illuminating! Google it if you have not.