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Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Going to kill it in 3 mths"

My post about a No Kill position concerning Bigfoot inspired this troll, calling himself "Brian Thexton," to send me the following email, which I just discovered in my email box this evening:

cant type this call me @ 503 *** **** found a big foot bed MtHood 9/18/2010 can show you 44rd-2730rd-200rd(flag point lookout) call me asap "going to kill it in 3 mths "threw 8"rock @ me last nite i called it in with a cow call but it wasnt a elk
He left a phone number with an Oregon area code; I won't call it but I did various internet searches on it for fun: it's a cell, it's in Portland, that's about it and all I'm inclined to do.

"Going to kill it in 3 mths"  Why in 3 months? Wouldn't that be in late December/January, when the weather and conditions on Mt. Hood are, well, a bit on the dicey side? Why is "going to kill it in 3 months" and "threw 8" in quotes?

Did he think that I'd want to go out in the snow and watch him try to kill a Bigfoot? Note to future trolls: I hate the snow. The last thing I'm going to ever do is go out in the snow for what some call recreation?. . . that's a weird concept for me.

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Bigfootareus said...

Yawn. At least Brian believes that they are real. Unfortunately, he did not get the memo that they are invisible in the higher dimensions, most of the time. Which means, that should he somehow be able to shoot an invisible Bigfoot, he will then be faced with the task of finding it in the higher dimensions. Not an easy task to be sure. Of course, Bigfoot often travel in either pairs or groups and can telepath to their family members within several miles. So they would be on location within a minute or so. Which does not allow Brian enough time to escape, much less to drag the body out in order to prove that he is a real good shot. In closing, Brian will need a lot more than luck, in order to succeed in his Biscardi like task.