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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogsquatcher on Bigfoot and UFOs

Thoughtful post on the Blogsquatcher: The Explanatory Power of the Bigfoot/UFO Hypothesis. The following resonated with me; in describing first coming across a Bigfoot-UFO story, Blogsquatcher's reaction was similar to mine when I first came across a similar story:
Perhaps this is best explained by reference to how strange such a thing seemed not very long ago. Indeed, it still seems strange today, but perhaps not as weird as it once was. I well remember reading Ann Slate and Al Berry’s book Bigfoot when I was a teenager. The book shares the details of the infamous Uniontown UFO/bigfoot incident of 1973. That incident seemed so weird to me that I recall I couldn’t finish reading the book. I actually threw the book away! I denied that any such thing could ever happen. But my reaction was not based on reason, for I did not actually know whether such a thing could happen or not, and I did not seek more information about it. Instead, I shut it out of my mind. This was simply a fear reflex, much like seeing a snake and involuntarily recoiling. That such a thing as was recounted in that book could happen seems to have been too dangerous to my world view, so I put it away where I wouldn’t have to think about it.
I've said many times that the first time I came across a Bigfoot-UFO story, I almost threw the article in the trash. I was downright angry at such a thing! The question is, not if there's a Bigfoot-UFO-high weirdness phenomena, but why some react this strongly against any such idea.

But the article continues with great information on specific cases; this is not to be missed!

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