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Friday, January 8, 2010

Lesley's Gray Matters: "Bigfoot Thoughts"

Lesley (The Debris Field, etc.) has a nice article this week about Bigfoot for her Gray Matters column on BoA (Tim Binnall's Binnall of America) titled Bigfoot Thoughts. I like what Lesley has to say about field research; those that go out in the woods looking for the creature:
Most humans don’t even go out into “the wild” and the ones that do mostly stick to known paths, which isn’t really part of the wild. Most humans do their hiking (or whatever) during the day and sleep at night. They carry food and supplies with them, which are things that something with a better sense of smell could detect for miles. Humans are also normally pretty noisy as well as pretty predictable, loud and smelly. Really, would it be that hard to not be found by them out in the middle of the wilderness?
And on paranormal Bigfoot, Lesley says:
I have never understood why people have to have it one way or another, Bigfoot is either a real creature or paranormal, why can’t there be both? Maybe Bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature with paranormal powers - why the hell not?
I am convinced that "paranormal Bigfoot" exists. I tend towards agreeing with Lesley and others who think there might be two, concurrent beings, one a "paranormal" entity, the other flesh and blood. It's also possible what we call paranormal are  manipulations of otherwise mundane characteristics, like infrasound. No matter what, the fact remains that there is a large body of paranormal (including UFO related events) Bigfoot encounters.

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