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Sunday, December 20, 2009

More About Beeping

This originally appeared in my Orange Orb column for UFO Magazine. Related is my article Beeping Bigfoot on UFO Digest Somewhat related are the recent posts on Strange Planet, and Damn Data, which inspired me to comment on my blog Mothman Fluttereings about mechanical voices.
Beeping in Varied Encounters

In April I wrote a piece for UFO Digest called Beeping Creatures. In that article, I discussed the beeping, electronic and other strange, often mechanical sounds associated with some Bigfoot and other anomalous creature encounters. These sounds also occur in meetings with aliens and entities and UFOs.

Sometimes these sounds seem to come from the creature (Bigfoot) or the alien. Other times, these sounds seem to come from within the person, as if the sound is beamed (or “beeped” ) into his or her head. I’ve been awakened many times by a strong beeping sound coming from inside my head. It’s a definite, strong electronic sound. It isn’t coming from any outside source (as in any outside source, like a truck or alarm clock, ) and for some reason, I associate it with the color green. That lime-green “Matrix” type color. (In fact, years ago when I was experiencing a lot of UFO activity, I had a very strange experience. I awoke abruptly from a deep sleep to find that a computer type screen was being projected right before my eyes; it was all I could see. nothing but rows and columns of green numbers rapidly scrolling on a black screen. This made me very uncomfortable, but the screen stayed there, whether I closed my eyes or not. Lots of strange things happened in that house concerning UFOs and paranormal activity.)

As I wrote in Beeping Creatures, in relation to UFOs, this beeping sound is sometimes heard in connection with UFOs. Bonnie Meyer, in her book Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring, writes, in a section titled “Scanning”:
”If you are hearing a lot of beeping sounds, it is probably a small scanning instrument. This scanning is kind of like a mind probe. I doubt you could tell the difference where or who it’s coming from.”

The beeping sound was heard by Barney and Betty Hill during their experience. This experience has been related many times, including most recently in Stanton Friedman’s and Kathleen Marden’s (Betty HIll’s niece) book Captured! where the beeping was described as:
. . . “code like,” with several beeps, a pause, then more beeps. Were the beeps some kind of alien Morse code?

UFO researcher Raymond E. Fowler, who’s also an “experiencer” (we must come up with a better word for that!) himself , has experienced this beeping sound while asleep:
January 27, 1995: I awoke twice to a electronic beeping sound. the second time I thought it was my watch alarm sounding and actually reached to shut if off before the beeping stopped. My right nostril is still sore.”

This experience was repeated:
I woke up again to a electronic beeping sound and again reached for my watch alarm, but it was not the watch. My right nostril is still sore. ~ ”Synchrofile: Amazing Personal Encounters with Synchronicity and Other ~ Page 188

In UFO Mysteries: A Reporter Seeks the Truth, author Curt Sutherly recounts the story of UFO witness Harold Butcher . In 1965 Butcher, was working on his parents farm in New York state. Butcher noticed that the animals were panicking over something, at the same time, the milking machine Butcher was working abruptly stopped:

”Looking out a window, Harold saw a large elliptical object land about a quarter-mile away. The object emitted a smell of burned gasoline and a red vapor clouded its rim. A strange beeping sound was heard. the object departed by ascending straight up into the clouds.

I was surprised at the number of responses that I received about the article. Many people e-mailed me to tell me they’ve heard these same sounds, either from outside but in the context of a UFO or Bigfoot sighting, or from within their heads, again, concerning UFO and/or paranormal activity.

One person said the article was “the most startling article” he’s read in years, because he’s experienced the same beeping sound, along with other sounds, in connection with alien “intruders” as he put it.

Another person said he spent a lot of time going back and forth between Southern California and Mexico, where he spent a lot of time on the beaches. He and several friends witnessed UFOs on more than one occasion in the desert. He and a group of about four friends heard a strange beeping sound one afternoon on the beach. They felt as if they were moving in slow motion, and couldn’t explain the frightened feeling they had. Throughout this experience, they felt as if they were in a trance; aware of their surroundings but unable to move. This is common in UFO and other paranormal encounters.

Greg Taylor, who runs The Daily Grail website, sent me an e-mail along with his article Her Sweet Murmur: Exploring the Aural Phenomenology of Border Experiences.

Taylor outlines several seemingly diverse paranormal events that share one thing in common: beeping and other sounds. Upon seeing a UFO, Marian “apparitions,” experiencing an OOBE, and so on, many individuals hear beeping, singing, roaring, clanging, bells, . . .(all of which I’ve experienced, particularly with OOBEs.) Furthermore, these experiences are often validated by others, which confirms these unusual encounters with sounds as being a true paranormal or UFOlogical event, and not just someone’s imagination. Taylor theorizes that this fact points to the likelihood these varied phenomena, while very different, come from the same source. (An idea that many other researchers share.)

The article received the most e-mails and comments of any article I’ve written. Obviously this type of encounter, in spite of its high strangeness factor, has been experienced by a lot more people than we might have assumed.

Synchrofile: Amazing Personal Encounters with Synchronicity,Raymond Fowler.
Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience: The True Story of the World's First Documented Alien Abduction Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden.

Alien Contact: The Messages They Bring, Bonnie Meyer
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Emperor said...

Very interesting, and again Greg's piece does seem to underline the continuity of experiences across different phenomena - sound only being one (Bigfoot, the BVM and all sorts of entities seem to share properties with UFOs they shouldn't have if taken on face value - Bigfoot bleeping, stopping car engines, leaving radiation burns, emitting such smells that they burn the nose, disappearing and seemingly entering solid rock are not the activities I would expect from a flesh and blood animal - not that there is an easy explanation for it in any field).

I think I mentioned this when Greg was Author of the Month over on the Graham Hancock site (where he posted his article) - in some ways I am reminded of the sounds the fairies are said to make. In the case of Anne Jeffries there is a "peculiar ringing" just before they appear and whisk her away to a strange land. I know people get a little nervous if you mention fairies but it can just be seen as another theory for explaining something very strange, something we are still wrestling with today!!

Shell said...

I joined a local Bigfoot group in S. Oregon in 2001. In 2003, soon after my first sighting of a Bigfoot in our research area, we started experiencing the beeping Bigfoot's. I have since in another research area of ours experienced the beeping there, as well as on my property. I was able to recorded them with another member in 2003, and in 2014 at my home. I have seen two different types of Bigfoots in S. Oregon. What Kewaunee Lapseritis would call the "Ancient Ones" (more human features) and the other what he refers to as "Sasquatch" (slightly monkey features). There is more, but if I don't sound crazy enough now here, I would if I wrote further about my experiences.