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Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Conversations With Bigfoot"

New site: Bigfoot Hub, has a link to Dr. Gordon Langley's 1975 Conversations With Bigfoot. (Thanks to Blogsquatcher for the link.) Bigfoot is from space, it seems:
IVES: What happened? Who are you?
BF: My name is Shadarue. It indicates that I am of the moon families and it signifies the pale green color in the moon’s ring.
IVES: What happened? 5
BF: We cannot speak where vision is sufficient. I’m sorry.
IVES: I’ll go for help. My car is back on the skid road, I’ll get a doctor, it won’t…
BF: No.
IVES: It won’t take long. Doctors can do amazing things.
BF: Death is more amazing.
IVES: You don’t understand – they can save you. It is serious but they can save you. But I must go now.
BF: No. Stay to ease my spirit forth.

My favorite quote from this story is what the following explanation of Bigfoot/Shaarue's, who is explaining what they can, and cannot (or will not) do:

"We do not pull rabbits from a hat. But we can become rabbits."

Love it.

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eunoterpsiac said...

'Your kindness is the pride of bone.'


I admit, I really enjoy this dialogue BF an english major? He's awfully well spoken.
And I wonder if there is a way to actually HEAR the tape recording.

Maybe somebody will post it on Youtube, hmm?