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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bigfoot Ballyhoo Blog and Non-Paranormal Bigfoot Beliefs

I've been commenting on Linda Newton Perry's Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog, and emailed her earlier today. This is what I sent her:

I've been following your blog recently and have been enjoying it. I've posted about it on my blogs: Frame 352 and my Oregon blog at the LOWFI site.

I wonder if I could post something at your blog.

I just want to say how much I appreciate the fact your blog is active, has photos, and respects the privacy of witnesses.

Aside from the importance of reporting sightings, etc. the question surrounding the lack of response--and respect--from police and authorities are important, and need to be asked. Ask over and over until things change. At least be a squeaky wheel!

I wanted to let Linda know of my appreciation for her hard work concerning Bigfoot, and I had in mind possibly doing a "guest blogger" kind of thing, possibly about the apathetic and stone walling attitude from police and other authorities.

Linda kindly posted the above on her site, with the following comments:

Thank you for the good words....Regan, I , however, can not list paranormal sites. My Christian beliefs prevent me from delving into that subject. I do not believe Bigfoot is in anyway paranormal. I believe he is flesh and blood and placed in the animal kingdom for a purpose. I respect your right to believe as you wish and I ask that you respect mine. Thank you for participating on this blog and I look forward to hearing more from you

I absolutely respect her views and agree to disagree. I have a question for Linda and other researchers as well, who don't think there's anything paranormal about Bigfoot: what do you do with those reports?

If, say, the teacher that saw a Bigfoot cross the Oregon coastal highway added some sort of high strangeness element, well, what then? Ignore it, delete it, reject the report altogether, edit the report? I believe these are valid questions for any Bigfoot researcher.

In fact, I know Christians who don't believe as Linda does; for example, Stan Johnson, a Christian, had a life time of high strangeness or paranormal Bigfoot encounters.

Despite the differences in philosophy, Linda's blog is enjoyable and active, and she respects witness confidentiality.


Mike said...


I think you have to go where the evidence takes you. Having said that, I tend to fall into the category of those believe the sasquatch is a real flesh and blood animal.

I think it is likely that once these animals are documented and studied much of the high strangeness will be found to have a biological basis. For example, the whole idea of ultrasound being used by large animals to cause nausea, feelings of fear, and a type of paralysis in prey would have been considered ludicrous not too long ago. The symptoms observed and reported would have seemed to fall into the high strangeness category. Now this phenomenon is known to have a biological basis. This, in my view at least, doesn't make these abilities any less fantastic. It only makes them biological in nature.

Hopefully, we'll find out sooner rather than later.

My best...

Texas Cryptid Hunter

Regan Lee said...

Mike, thanks for stopping by. I agree that what we call "paranormal" might very well turn out to be biological; as with ultrasound. I think there's a lot of interesting stuff around that. Manipulation of sound can cause all the things you mention, and it's possible BF has that ability.

Which is why those accounts that contain the weird stuff need to be included; because, if it does turn out the more unusual effects are caused, say, by sound, we're ignoring a huge part of data that points us to the possibility.

On the other hand, within a Fortean context, the weirder aspects of some BF encounters aren't unique. . .

I agree that, if it is biological it is still fantastic!

ORENDA said...

Your blog is very interesting. I think this creature is both flesh and blood and also has supernatural powers.