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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Flying Bigfoot in the Blue Mountains

(Thanks to Lesley at The Debris Fieldfor the link.) On the Bigfoot Sightings blog, Linda has a great post about "Flying Bigfoot" in the beautiful Blue Mountain range in the Pacific Northwest. (the Blue Mountain range is in the north east part of Oregon, extending into the south eastern part of Washington state.) Linda reports that witness "David N." saw a Bigfoot -- flying! Visit Linda's site for more, including a link to the Blue Mountain Trackers Bigfoot Research Update site.

image source here.

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rose said...

i was there 15 years ago at tamarack lookout. we were scared out of our wits. the smell was horrible. the none stop log banging. then dark came! my hubby became very angry and agitated. wanted to leave so we started getting the 3 litte girls loaded and just started shoving gear into the blazer. when .... I SAW IT! this creature moved fast on two feet from tree to tree. i was frozen stiff and all i could do was ask for the pistol from my hubby and i just stared firing away. we haul a-- out of there took a left and ended up on a road that ended. we got turned around and had huge rocks thrown onto the road and one hit the top of the blazer. they are there!..if you want more details let me know how to contact you.