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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Silver Suited Aliens vs. Bigfoot

Update: I added a little oil pastel drawing I did a fear years ago of the silver suited being I saw. . .

Watching Monster Quest last night -- a good episode, about Bigfoot -- and Jim says to me that he'd rather see a Bigfoot than an alien. I agreed. Then he said he has "no doubt extraterrestrials exist -- none" -- and that he "doesn't want to know more, since "we've both probably been abducted anyway." That's the second time he's come out and said that in recent months. Hmmmm...

I think it would be a true gift and an incredible experience to see a Bigfoot. My only hesitation would be one of my qualms about losing credibility; after all, both Jim and I have seen several UFOs, have had episodes of missing time, and a life time of paranormal experiences including ghosts, psychic experiences,astral journeys, hell, we're walking, talking Fortean weirdos. I'd be afraid people would think I was just making it up; that I saw Bigfoot. If I were ever to see one. On the other hand, screw 'em. If I were ever fortunate enough to see a Sasquatch, well, lucky me and then I'd know what I know about that.

As to abductions, while I think something really, really extraordinary happened, I still can't get to the place where I think abductions are a literal event. I've never seen an alien in the waking state, unless, my silver suited alien childhood memory is literally exactly as I remember it. For some reason, I remember it as real, and yet, always place it in some disjointed category of "other" -- not asleep, not awake, not not real, but not . . well, maybe it's just plain old denial. By the way, my column in this issue of UFO Magazine is about silver suited aliens. Nice how I got my plug in, eh?

As to the Patterson-Gimlin film, Jim is 99% sure it's authentic footage of a real Bigfoot, and is almost as sure there is a Bigfoot as he is sure there are aliens. He's leans a tad towards being in favor of aliens. For myself, while I have no doubt at all Bigfoot exists -- for one thing, just what is it all these witnesses are seeing, if not a Sasquatch? -- I am minuscially less sure the P-G film is of a real Bigfoot. I want to believe it's so; I just can't see one way or the other. Some days it looks indubitably like a real creature; swaying breasts, arms, the way it's looking back. Other days it's looks phony; the weird white face showing through and mask like appearance of the fur on the face, the bottoms of the feet.

But, as MQ pointed out last night, the analysis done on the original footage shows that blurring has a lot to do with the way the images come across, as well as the film 's translation to video, etc. No human could fit into a suit like that, the technology that would cause things like fur swaying wasn't invented back in the 1960s, when the film was shot, and, it turns out after analysis the creature was taller than thought, 7ft or more tall. And yet I can't be 100% sure, as much as I want to be.

It doesn't matter however. I believe (yes, I said "believe!") Bigfoot exists. What exactly is Bigfoot, who knows, but if nothing else I can't ignore the countless eye witness reports of people who say, in all sincerity, they've seen a Bigfoot.

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