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Friday, July 31, 2009

Revisit with the Lake Worth Monster

Link on the Professor Hex blog: Couple Say They Saw Lake Worth Monster Forty Years ago.

Link on Professor Hex takes you to the article, with the famous photograph of a ridiculously bulky white Bigfoot like type being.

Like other BHMs (Big Hairy Monsters) stories, it appeared from nowhere, did its thing, then left.
The Lake Worth Monster — aka Goat-Man — hasn’t been seen regularly at the Fort Worth Nature Center since a very memorable summer 40 years ago when all of Texas seemed to buzz with the news that a hairy, scaly 7-foot man-goat-beast was terrorizing the good citizens of Tarrant County.

"Every so often, it will come up in conversation," said Suzanne Tuttle, manager of the Nature Center. "Somebody will say, 'I remember when that happened.’

Here's a very interesting comment about Sallie Ann Clarke, who wrote a self-published book about the monster titled The Lake Worth Monster of Greer Island. The book was a "quick-draw and slightly tongue-in-cheek book" about the creature. Clarke has had many strokes and can't speak, her memory isn't good, but her husband says this, of her book:
Clarke has always regretted the way she wrote her book, he said, because after she published it, she saw the monster on three occasions.

Twenty years ago Salli Clarke said this:
"If I’d seen it before I wrote the book, the book would have been quite a lot different," she told the Star-Telegram in 1989. "It wouldn’t have been semi-fiction. It would have been like a history."

The article goes on to say that many have come forward with stories of their being involved in hoaxing, or playing pranks on people at the time. I get the feeling these happened after the fact; in other words, something anomalous was going on, and others had their fun at its expense.

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