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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The "Eel Siren" of Maine

Fascinating entry on Bigfoot researcher Linda Martin's Bigfoot Sightings blog:
Maine: Report of a humanoid that may be reptilian.
A woman that Linda has been in contact with shares her life long encounters with a reptilian she also refers to as an "eel siren." This isn't, as Linda comments, a Bigfoot report, but I agree with her response to this story: sometimes some stories are so intriguing that aren't Bigfoot reports you have to share.

As I commented at her blog, as weird as this story of the "eel siren" is, there are plenty of stories of encounters with reptilians. I know of a couple in Washington state who are obviously living in some kind of anomalous portal zone, where they have heavy UFO activity (and fighter jets following), along with both Bigfoot sightings and reptilian sightings. There's a lot more to that whole situation that I'll probably report on eventually.

Anyway, fascinating story, visit Linda's blog to read all about it.

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