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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sasquatch: Kill, No Kill Policy

My article on the kill, no kill policy concerning Bigfoot is up at Binnall of America.


Jeffrey Teagle said...

Hi Regan,

I too share the "NO KILL" policy. We (scientists and researchers) are very capable of studying an animal in its natural habitat. We do it for all of the other animals right? I think that organizations or groups have "cheapened themselves by taking the easy way out" by supporting a PRO-KILL stance. Given the time and effort, heck anyone could track a thing and kill it. But you raised a few questions for me in your article.

• Why do they call it an ape? Well, in order to kill it, phrases or words such as hominid, hominoid or relic homin can't be used because it would imply that they share MORE HUMAN characteristics than that of apes or monkeys. Groups and associations hide behind these words. Calling it an APE somehow justifies destroying it.


• Bigfoot being able to enter and exit different dimensions? I believe this is possible. Being a believer of God I have to say firmly that other dimensions are achievable. God is a "supernatural" being is he not? So we know that the supernatural exists. What scares me is that when the bigfoot are HERE, they are very much flesh and blood. But if one were to be shot and killed (in which I know that many already have been over the times)can they return to their reality? OR are they stuck here dead in ours?

• Dragging a body in to prove to the world they exist! To serious researchers, no proof is required because they have already seen one. Only the scared and timid carry firearms into their research areas. They want you to believe that they carry a weapon for protection from other animals. What a "cop-out" excuse. The hard truth is that they are frightened to death of the being they search for. Sadly, the other scenario that plays out is that the individual or organization wants fame, fortune and attention. Everybody wants to be the man! I gave up this way of thinking long ago.

Regan Lee said...

Thanks for your comments Jeffrey.

I agree with your thoughts on why some call BF an "ape." Justifies killing it; lessens our responsibility, for some that is. I happen to think apes are pretty damn intelligent as well, and regardless, they are not to be hunted either.