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Friday, March 13, 2009

Raven's Mysterious Haven on the "Ghillie" Suit

This comes by way of Crypto Squad USA contributor Raven, of Raven's Mysterious Haven out of Michigan. Raven's posted an interesting piece about possible cases of mistaken identity when it comes to some Bigfoot sightings. Is it possible, Raven asks, that now and then seeing a human in a "ghillie" could make someone think they saw a Bigfoot? Read it here and see. (Thanks to Nick Redfern at Crypto Squad USA for link.)

This is something I've never thought of before; I didn't even know these suits existed. It's a good thing to know, and to keep watch out for. Using my own example, if I saw something like that in the woods, and not knowing about these suits that some hunters, etc. use, I might think I saw a Bigfoot too. I have no idea of course what I'd really think, or how I"d react, in that situation (thinking I've seen a Bigfoot) but knowing what could be mistaken for something else is a good thing; helpful information to consider carefully all the possibilities in such cases.


Mike said...

Maybe if someone really wanted to find "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch" or their relatives they could get a ghillie suit and go looking.I don't know where to look for such creatures, but I do know where you can find neat ghillie suits.

Leeroy said...

I do not think a ghillie suit could be mistaken for a sasquatch, for the most part when a hunter is wearing one, he will not be moving and instead be hiding, most people do not wear a ghillie suit as they move around, they wear it once they are in the spot they want to stay.

Jeffrey Teagle said...

Ghillie suits are typically used by special forces units for sniping. It allows you to not only conceal yourself well but also to get closer to your enemy and get a clear shot with a high-powered rifle.
There are many bigfoot groups who exercise the use of camoflouge. Ghillie suits fit into this category. However, I have found as many others have that this is a "useless" tactic. Hunting a bigfoot for kill (I do not do this by the way), is nothing like hunting other forest dwelling animals. For instance, deer or elk are not complex in their thinking. What does this mean? At best most animals have a comparable I.Q. of a two year old child. Most are also either color blind or oblivious to the fact that something else other than them are in their neck of the woods.
BUT, bigfoot type creatures do not fall under these circumstances. The do however follow more along the lines of how we modern humans react in woodsy surroundings. Sometimes we can pick out the shapes that shouldn't be or possibly strange smells.Bigfoot type entities are also more atuned to the environment in which the choose to habituate. To give a crude example of what I am talking about, say for instance you went to work one morning but you checked out how the living room was arranged before you went out the door. Now, while you were at work, you sister comes by, goes inside and places a vase of flowers on your television. As soon as you walk in you will most certainly and immediately notice the flowers on the television.
When I go out to do my research;

I typically wear a Hawaiian ugly shirt as my son calls it, shorts and flip-flops. Why bother to conceal yourself from something that is far more experienced in the forest? Far more experienced than any trained special forces soldier!