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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Chattahoochee Bigfoot Blog

A blog I was unaware of, until a few moments ago: The Chattahoochee Bigfoot Blog. I like where blogger/researcher Jeffrey Teagle is coming from regarding Bigfoot, including the idea that Bigfoot knows you're there long, long before you've arrived.

This is also a bit of synchronicity, because I found his blog when I saw that he's following my blog Women Of Esoterica. I clicked on his link, and found his Bigfoot blog. Nice, since tomorrow night I'll be on Paratopia, talking about paranormal Bigfoot.

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Jeffrey Teagle said...

Hello All,

That's right. I am one of those researchers who previously believed that the bigfoot were strictly flesh and blood animals that could be stalked by traditional and contemporary tracking techniques or methods. However, the more I tried doing so (along with other professional trackers from time to time)we all came to the conclusions that either the animals techniques were far greater than any skills we know or that they exhibit a paranormal capability that we do not understand.
I have always felt that when we inhabited the forests many thousands of years ago; we posessed some of these seemingly paranormal traits that are associated with some bigfoot findings. Some of these long forgotten "lost" techniques that we may once have had include the ability to communicate without voice. I am almost certain that our sense of smell has also diminished greatly. We may have also shared the characteristic of "seeing" better in the night time. Who knows what was lost during our migration into modern civilization. Lastly, but briefly, we may have had much more hair on our bodies before fashion arrived as our technology began to grow.