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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bigfoot and UFOs;

One of my personal favorite high strangeness topics, Bigfoot-UFO encounters, is discussed in this 8 part video series. Bigfoot-UFO researcher George Lutz gets candid - an 8-part video interview by Roger Marsh, with interview of George Lutz, and the:
The Uniontown UFO-Bigfoot account from October 25, 1973 is one of the most fascinating paranormal investigations of the 20th century. Multiple witnesses reported observing a UFO land on a farm - and soon after - two Bigfoot creatures were seen nearby. Additional witnesses recount the glowing piece of land where the craft came down and other paranormal phenomena. Investigator George Lutz reflects back on the 35th anniversary in this firsthand video account of what happened that night.

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