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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feeling a Lack of Control? Bigfoot Can Help

This is my column for Tim Binnall's site week before last. I'm posting it here since it has to do with Bigfoot. My new TR column should be up sometime on Monday; it's about Mothman, animals and their awareness of the weird . . .

Binnall of America

Feeling a Lack of Control? Bigfoot Can Help

News has been floating around the internet about a study done that concludes the following: if we're feeling out of control, we see things that aren't really there. Wait, it gets better. We see Bigfoot. And UFOs.

First, when I hear that someone is seeing something that isn't really there, I have to ask: how do you know it isn't there? The huge complicated subject of mental illness aside, it's terribly arrogant to assume that someone is seeing something that "isn't there" just because the other person can't see whatever it is that isn't there. Or is it. The tester didn't put the thing there, that's how they know it isn't "really there." Hmmm, maybe. It could still be there. Opens up all kinds of philosophical and esoteric possibilities.

As to seeing Bigfoot and UFOs, why would anyone see those things when they feel out of control? The theory is that seeing these things gives one purpose. Uh huh.

Let's see. I feel a lack of control in my life (hey, who doesn't? Unless you're independently wealthy and in excellent health, none of us are in control. Even with all that money and good health.) So I'm feeling wonky, depressed, maybe scared, even, and I see a Bigfoot, an eight foot or more, hairy/furry, smelly beast of unknown origin, and that's going to make me feel more in control? Who thinks of things like this?

UFOs are infamous for shape shifting. They come in all sizes, colors and shapes. They appear and disappear with astounding speed, almost magickal in their behavior. They're weird all right. They're unpredictable. So, feeling a lack of control in my life, I decide to see something that "isn't there" -- a UFO. And if I'm feeling a particular sense of a lack of control, I might see some aliens. Throwing in the towel altogether, I might even say I've been abducted. Don't blame it on my psycho boss, spouse, the kids, the government, but project all these things onto Bigfoot or UFOs.

Not to mention that all kinds of people, all ages, all walks of life, the world over, see these things.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Bigfoot really exists, that's why people keep seeing the things. UFOs are really here, they've been here for a very long time, and that's why people the world over keep seeing them.

What's contributing to this feeling of a lack of control over mundane issues is the media's and government's lack of responsibility when it comes to reporting these things.

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