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Friday, September 12, 2008

"Seneca Sasquatch," Bigfoot, Mothman, TNT . . .

Now this is the kind of stuff that I love. Cryptomundo has a juicy Fortean post -- Seneca Sasquatch about Bigfoot in Seneca, Illinois, reports of which have been coming in for decades.These reports include sightings of Bigfoot swimming, among other things. But a most interesting fact is that a lot of the Bigfoot sightings take place in and around old Dupont (yes, that Dupont) TNT grounds, which shares a commonality with Mothman, who was seen hanging out in the TNT storage mounds in Pt. Pleasant. Coleman reports:
Now, as everyone knows, the reports of Mothman and Bigfoot, as well as other weird events, around Point Pleasant, West Virginia, were mostly in one specific spot - the TNT area, outside of town. The location was used to manufacture TNT during World War II. The first thing the “airport” gentlemen from Indiana whom I met, who is consulting in Seneca, asked me when I mentioned the WVA site was, “Was it a DuPont factory?”

I didn’t know, although I don’t recall hearing DuPont associated with Mothman. But I now wonder what company (or spinoff or parent company) owned the TNT site near Point Pleasant. Something to think about and research later, when I return home unless a Cryptomundian finds the answer before then.

And as Andrew Colvin, author of Mothman's Photographer, notes several times in his book, the corporate connection with Mothman and the paranormal-Fortean world cannot be ignored; if nothing else, there is a strange and strong relationship between the two. How and why, that's another story.

The swimming Bigfoot and underground tunnels, pathways, rooms, mounds, etc. gives support to the theory Bigfoot lives underground.
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