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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Richard Thomas: Room 101 on BOA, and Nigel Kneale

Binnall of America's newest contributor, Richard Thomas, has a very nice piece up now: Ghosts, Aliens, Yeti and the Late Great Nigel Kneale.

Richard's column on Binnall of America is Room 101, and I've been enjoying it. His latest is about Nigel Kneale. Thomas writes:
Nigel Kneale (18 April 1922 – 29 October 2006) was a Manx (Isle of Man) writer, active in television, film, radio drama and prose fiction. He wrote professionally for over fifty years and was, in many ways, the father of serious science fiction drama on television.

Kneale is best remembered today as the creator of his now-legendary character "Professor Bernard Quatermass." Quatermass was a heroic rocket scientist, kind of a prototype for Doctor Who, who saved humanity from a range of very different alien menaces in a trilogy of stories written by Kneale in the 1950s.

Cool piece on some vintage stuff, with equally cool images!

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ankur said...

what a horrible pic..nigel kneale is really a big creation.

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