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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Responses to Beeping Creatures

I never know when an article of mine or blog post will generate comments or emails. There have been times when I've posted something and wondered why no one commented at my scintillating insights. Other times I get a lot of responses, always welcome, but I wasn't necessarily expecting anything. I didn't have any expectations when I posted
Beeping Creatures at UFO Digest. I was just observing and putting out some data on what I think is an interesting phenomena. (Beeping and electronic sounds heard coming from UFOs and Bigfoot, or during encounters.)

Others think it's interesting too, which is fantastic. Many people have contacted me about their own unusual experiences with Bigfoot, and/or beeps, and other sounds associated with Bigfoot or the paranormal. I plan to follow up on one such response in particular from Greg Taylor, The Daily Grail creator and editor of Darklore. (You can read an interview with Greg Taylor at Reality Sandwich here.)

I even had two emails from someone correcting my spelling errors! I found that very funny. At first I had a defensive reaction, well, excuse me Mr. Red Pen, but you know, there were typos in there. I'm a terrible proof reader; even after proofing it many times I just don't see the errors that are there. I can look at it a thousand times and not see it. Spell check doesn't get 'em all; not if they're homophones, for example. So, I'll just try to do better in the future. But I had to laugh at the two emails correcting my spelling. Just seemed funny.

I'll be posting some of what people have written me and following up on this topic in the days to come.

"Beeping Bigfoot," who knew?

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Lesley said...

Being that I am the most terrible proofreader on earth I totally understand. Our brains see what we meant to write because we know what that was and not what we actually wrote.