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Sunday, February 10, 2008

JREF Complains About "Censorship" at Cryptomundo

Some members of the JREF are complaining about what they see as censorship from Cryptomundo.

What I love is the typical response of the faux skeptic, when they are ignored, and that is the “it’s obvious woos/Bigfoot believers/UFO witnesses etc. fear what skeptics have to say” routine.

Read about it here.


Bigfoot said...

There _is_ censorship at Cryptomundo. If you call Loren on his gigantic ego, if you point out his occasional hypocrisy, your post goes away.

I don't fault JREF for censorship. I've really only dabbled at the JREF. What I fault the JREF for is for being a bunch of smug, "I'm smarter than you", "I can't be fooled like you", "I can't believe you didn't think of this", "my argument (and thus I!) is inherently superior because I have judged my suppositions, logical fallacies and my ignorance to be inconsequential, but yours fatally dooms your argument." I also fault JREF and the skeptics there for publicly raking people over the coals while maintaining an incredibly smug anonymity ("kitikaze", anyone?). Finally, there's no self-policing of the skeptical community there. If you're a "skeptic", you're just great! You can't do any wrong! You are a perfect human being. Anything you say has to be addressed, and if it isn't, then you've stumped 'em!

The bottom line on many JREFers is...they're smart enough to theoretically know better, they're just too arrogant to care.

Bigfoot said...

Oh, and I'm certainly aware of my own smug anonymity and hypocrisy. One can take my comments for whatever they're worth to the reader. If anything, I'm no better than either Cryptomundo or someone at the JREF. But unlike the JREF-ites, I never said my arguments were better than anyone else's.