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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

More from Tobias/Derr: Strange Bigfoot

An Update: For A Small Fee . . .

Maybe I was too harsh. I always feel bad when I “sneer” although that’s not what my intent was in posting the earlier piece. I admitted I’m a snob when it comes to writing styles; all that run on sentence stuff, with little or incorrect punctuation, just throws me off. And I admit the “for a small fee” comment got to me as well. Tobias insists that if any field researchers decide to pursue this and want to contact the witness, a fee for the photos (there are more) is required. Tobias has the contact information for the witness. See here for my first post on this.

I also don’t feel comfortable giving my phone number out to someone I’ve just me on-line; or getting that close to someone right off.

Still, Steve Tobias/Derr sent me another e-mail today, thanking me for the “fair” article I posted here yesterday. He explained himself a bit more about the “for a small fee” and sent me two images, which you can see here.

I can’t really say anything about this case, since I haven’t spoken directly with anyone involved,haven’t been to the site, or done any research at all. But it is interesting in the body of “weird Bigfoot data” and for that, here it is. I’m also, as always, interested in the people involved in things like this. A true report of very weird things, a mistake or misinterpretation of events, a hoax, whatever it may be, it’s clear Tobias is passionate about UFOs and this topic. That’s clear from reading his posts that appear all over the internet; he feels strongly enough to share his views and spread the word.

And I do thank him for replying and sending the photos.

Okay, so what about the case itself? We have:

  • UFOs and lights connected with a Bigfoot sighting

  • Photos (two of which are here)

  • a dead calf up in a tree

  • coyotes won’t go near the body

  • dead animals all over the place

  • Bigfoot type creature, referred to as “Ol Shaggy”

  • Sounds of tree hitting

  • footprints (were casts made?)

  • Bait left out for Shaggy taken

  • Tobias/Derr is “ex-military” (air force)

  • Case “shunned by media,” when submitted by Tobias/Derr

  • estimated 9ft creature seen and photographed

  • Creature disappeared “in a flash” when gun was aimed at it

  • The area in the daytime, photo courtesy of Tobias.

    Early evening, as one of the encounters was happening, with light in distance. The dead calf was found in the tree:

    Derr’s thoughts on Bigfoot, stated in the earlier post, there is no “real” Bigfoot:
    the truth on Bigfoot is easy to give you... the situation is that aliens will wear some type of costume to resemble a hairy ape creature rather than allow humans to see their recon units in their actual appearance ( as obviously alien) . the reason there is no credible reason to assume Bigfoot is real is due to the natural reproduction cycle on earth of creatures...

    Personally, I have no problem with paranormal/supernatural Bigfoot, but this is a new one, and seems -- forgive me -- silly. His thoughts on Bigfoot as some kind of sentry or scout sent by aliens isn’t a new one however; see some of the accounts in Peter Guittilla’s Bigfoot Files book, for example.

    Another comment I found interesting was this one:
    I sent you a few pictures .. you can see if you look the trajectory of something moving very fast .. have now also found dead coyotes , squirrels , birds , fish in a pond for absolutely no reason .. think itsa sterilization practice run ?

    The comment about the trajectory is interesting, and for some reason reminds me of events at the Skinwalker ranch, as recounted in the book Hunt for the Skinwalker.

    One theory about cattle mutilations is one involving the government: government testing of livestock to monitor radiation, fallout, levels of poisons and chemicals in the environment, etc. Is there a connection here in some way?

    Bigfoot in Arkansas
    There's a report of a "Wild Man" in Arkansas from 1851, courtesy of the Bigfoot Encounters site.

    And of course there's the Fouke Monster, the Bigfoot like creature that was seen frequently in the late 1960s and the '70s. There was a movie made in 1972:Legend of Boggy Creek about the sightings.

    1 comment:

    Emperor said...

    It does seem to tick all the boxes for a good high strangeness Bigfoot report but it does seem to be lacking:

    1. Any thorough investigation

    2. Any "killer" evidence

    So it is far form clear what makes this different from the handful of other cases or why anyone would be prepared to hand over a "small fee" for the full information (especially when nearly everything in the field is given away for free - possibly because there isn't a thriving market for this kind of thing ;) ).

    Anyway good work so far and keep digging - it has potential to be an extra data point once everyone involved stops being quite so shy ;)