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Thursday, January 3, 2008

From Boring, Oregon: On "The Big Hairy Guy" in Mt. St. Helens Area

“Bigfoot, You’re Invited to Breakfast”

From Boring, Oregon. Yes, Boring. I’m always interested in any Bigfoot, UFO or other strange story that comes out of Oregon, since I live here myself.

Chuck Bolsinger, in a piece for the High Country News,
recounts his experiences during the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980. (I remember that; living in Eugene, Oregon at the time, and seeing ash everywhere on cars, etc.)

The news of the eruption was big then, and made international news. Among the many things related to the eruption was the fate of Harry S. Truman, who refused to leave the area.

Bolsiinger relates his meeting with Truman, who told Bolsinger of “a big hairy guy” that lives in the woods:
“There’s something you boys should know. A Big Hairy Guy hangs out in these woods. Someday you’ll be taping a tree, and a shadow’ll fall on you. He’ll know you’re fixin’ to log his forest, and he’ll be mad.”
Very interesting article!

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