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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wanoga Butte, Oregon 1957: Bigfoot Impervious to Shots

Living in the Pacific Northwest (Lane County, Oregon) I’m particularly interested in Bigfoot, UFO and other Fortean events in the area. This is one from Wanoga Butte, Oregon, dated 1957, from John Keel’s Mysterious Beings:
Both were hunting, and had just shot a deer. Before they could get to it, a 9 foot tall, hairy creature walked into the clearing, and picked the deer up, and carried it off under its arm. Joanis, annoyed about losing his deer, fired several shots with his 30.06 into the creatures back, but the creature never stopped walking. However, it did emit a "strange whistling scream". Present witnesses were Greg Pointer, Roger True, Tom Thompson, Carl & Jim Franklin, John McKnight, Alvin Anderson, Selby Green, Roger Howard, Bob McDonald, Ron Blackburn all witness an 8-ft, whitish-gray Bigfoot

I find the “whitish gray Bigfoot” and “impervious to gunshot” very interesting. It seems there’s a particular aura of high strangeness involving white Bigfoot; it might just be the folklore concerning their color -- after all, high strangeness involves Bigfoot of all colors -- or something odder. (I also find it curious Joanis was seemingly more annoyed at losing the deer, rather than being amazed at seeing a Bigfoot.)

Wanoga Butte is in the Deschutes National Forest, in Deschutes County in Central Oregon. There’s a lookout there; The Wanoga Butte Lookout, built in 1932. According to one source, the lookout is the “most endangered historic lookout in America.”

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