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Sunday, October 7, 2007

In FATE: Old Yellow Top

Excerpts from Old Yellow Top, by Andrew Hind and Maria da Silva in the October issue of FATE magazine can be read here. Interesting item about sightings in Ontario, going back to the nineteen twenties.
In July 1923, two prospectors, experienced woodsmen by the names of J. A. MacAuley and Lorne Wilson, were taking test samples of their mining claims northeast of Wettlaufer Mine near Cobalt when they saw what initially looked to be a bear feasting in a blueberry patch. With courage that bordered on recklessness, Mr. Wilson threw a stone at the animal.

Its response was immediate and terrifying. The creature, no bear, stood up to its full seven feet and, baring its teeth, let out an ear-piercing roar of defiance. It was like nothing either man had ever heard before, a dreadful sound that melted courage and left these grown men quaking in terror. They ran, and didn’t stop until they reached the safety of town.

“It sure looked like no bear I have ever seen,” said Mr. Wilson to a reporter from the North Bay Nugget. “Its head was kind of yellow and the rest of it was like a bear, covered in hair.”

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We have a photo of Old Yellowtop
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Taken 1978.