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Sunday, October 7, 2007

From Cryptomundo: Small Pterodactyls Among The Indians

Over on Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman has posted on the insect invasion at the recent baseball game. (Don't ask me what game; what do I know?)This doesn’t have anything to do with Sasquatch, but it’s such a neat post that I had to report on it here.

I’m not a baseball fan; the whole idea of the sports things just eludes me, but I really enjoyed this post. I have nothing against baseball, I just don’t seem to get it. Any of it. (And yet, some of my favorite films are baseball films. It’s the story I suppose, not the “thing” it’s hinged on. Of course, one could argue the “thing” it’s hinged on is the story.)

Leave it to Loren Coleman to tie in cryptids, baseballs and Native Americans. Very cool. I didn’t know Coleman was of Native American descent, though it’s not surprising. I wonder how many in this field of Fortean, anomalous and cryptid research are of Indian heritage? I’m of Cherokee and Lenape descent. It’d be an interesting survey to take.

Anyway, great post on Cryptomundo.

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