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Friday, October 12, 2007

Craig Woolheater on Hostile Deniers

A good entry by Craig Woolheater of Cryptomundo, about those “skeptics” or those in denial about Bigfoot. Woolheater gives a lot of talks on Bigfoot; and while he has overwhelming positive responses, there are the more hostile ones as well.

One point that struck me was the following, where Woolheater discusses the anger and hostility of one skeptic, which seemed to go beyond just disagreement:
My friend was perplexed by the anger displayed by someone who was obviously highly-educated, yet extremely unreasonable.

I’ve experienced this many times myself. (This weird anger has, in a couple of cases, gone so far as these kinds of so-called “skeptics” harassing me, “cyber stalking” me, threats, etc.)

It’s a highly interesting phenomena, this over the top hostility that often comes with discussing “fringe” topics.

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