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Sunday, July 15, 2007

On Cryptomundo: "Pygmies Belittled: Exhibited at Zoo

A very sad and disturbing story, that is sadly a true story, which inspires Coleman to ask us about Bigfoot and our relationship to it.
Pygmies Belittled: “Exhibited” At Zoo

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a freedom issue to me, R. Lee.

Notice that they pygmies themselves are not quoted as complaining about the arrangement with the zoo. The only complaint actually attributed to the pygmies is that the government (the usual villian)is pushing them around. So what do they do? Well, since they don't have many modern skills, they put together a band and try to turn a disadvantage--their ethnic difference--into an advantage and capitalize on their ethnicity. The zoo provides a good deal because they already have a customer base and facility. But then some busybodies have to interfere in a perfectly voluntary arrangement. Those people are the types that would rather see the poor pygmies back in the woods (where they really are poor) instead of "degraded" at the zoo. Never mind the pygmies' wishes, they're just primitives and don't know what's really good for them.

And, horrors, they might earn some money, open a business and abandon their quaint way of life.