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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sharon Lee Reports on Sasquatch Symposium

Sharon Lee has been posting items, including a video clip, on the 1st Eugene, Oregon Sasquatch Symposium.

I got to spend a bit of time with Sharon Lee and Craig Woolheater; both "real" and nice people. Thanks Sharon for all the info.

Overall, the conference was great. For a first time event, Toby Johnson, the coordinator, did a fantastic job. Wonderful line-up of speakers, and just overall, really an excellent event.

One more thing: Autumn Williams presentation was perfect! Very well presented, but more importantly, what she had to say about research, researchers, witnesses, and the Sasquatch  themselves, was brilliant.

Visit the Sasquatch Symposium site for information on all the presenters, the conference, and news, hopefully! of next years conference.

More to come on this as I slowly get it together. I'm unwinding myself from all the stuff of life, work, etc. But, summer is now here!

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