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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Enoch: Two Tracks, One Seen

I don't mean literal tracks, as in Bigfoot prints but the two concurrent themes in Autumn Williams book Enoch.

There is of course "Mike's" story of his encounters with a Bigfoot, or Skunk Ape. And all the questions most everyone is debating on various Bigfoot forums: is the story true, is Mike a real person, is Williams a liar, delusional, a sloppy researcher, why aren't there photos, video, DNA, casts, why hasn't Mike come forward and so on. Even though Williams explains in the book and elsewhere on-line why Mike doesn't come forward, and addressed other points, the debate goes on.

Those are all understandable points to raise.

But what I've seen very little of is the "second track" in her book; and that is the nature of research. As I said in my earlier post on Enoch, until research -- Bigfoot, UFO, etc. -- understands this, we're not going to get anywhere. And yet this point is ignored. The role of researcher to witness, the expectations of both, the way we go about our search for whatever it is we're seeking (Bigfoot, UFOs-aliens, and so on), our motivations, agendas, desires, and biases -- these are intertwined with the phenomena.

Little will be solved if a Bigfoot body is brought forth to the world (I hope that never happens.) Likewise with aliens. Proof of ... what, exactly? As Williams has asked us to consider, what happens next, after the so-called proof is presented? Who "owns" it? How does that affect others? How does it affect "them," -- the Bigfoot, the aliens, the ... whatever it is.

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