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Saturday, December 8, 2012

thomsquatch: Finding Bigfoot by Blimp: Really?

I agree with Thom Powell, who respectfully disagrees with the find Bigfoot via blimp plan. One reason being, the idea of Sasquatch as "just" a big ape:
thomsquatch: Finding Bigfoot by Blimp: Really?: On the other hand, the text on the Falcon Project website repeatedly refers to the sasquatch as the North American Ape. Yikes! Granted, we are all, technically, apes. I get that, too. But as a matter of strategic planning, it seems to me a fundamental flaw, a deal breaker, really, to regard the sasquatch as any kind of ape, especially in the intelligence department. Rule number one of any adversarial engagement: Never underestimate your opponent.
For the sake of the success of the Falcon Project, I hope I am wrong in my assesment of sasquatch intelligence, even though I don't think so. Still, I have always encouraged each and every bigfoot researcher to develop their own hypothesis about what was going on, and then put it to the test. I know plenty of folks who, even at this late stage of the game, are still trying to 'bait the ape.'

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