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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From Autumn Williams: "Am I the only one…" - Oregon Bigfoot Blog | Oregon Bigfoot Blog

Researcher and author Autumn Williams addresses the use of "Squatch" in an excellent piece at her blog Oregon Bigfoot: Am I the only one… -

I've thought of writing something about this as well in the past; the use of the term always struck me as insipid, jokey and patronizing. It put Sasquatch into a "big dumb cool dude but still just a over sized goofy animal" category. That's how it seemed to me. I'm also aware of school marmish tone that some might perceive in my complaints, but tough cookies, little mister. Anyway, Williams writes eloquently, giving us some history and insights into the use of language, and why it is that "Squatch" is just so . . . not right.

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eunoterpsiac said...

Agreed Regan..

It's annoying. I myself have been known to make contractions of the names of friends and acquaintances, just to lighten the mood, but 'squatch', 'squatchy', 'squatchiness' or other variations just seem to reduce Sasquatch to a cartoon character. To be fair, the term 'bigfoot', if perfectly descriptive, still is not much better.

We've been relying on an anglicized version of the 1st Nations/Indian name, (Sasquatch) mostly because it's easier for the white man's tongue, but maybe it's time to consider a proper, taxonomic name. Do you know if this has been done yet? Maybe Doc Meldrum or Krantz created one.

If not, I nominate 'Sehlahtiks Gigantopithecus' be added to the list for consideration.

How might we 'contract' that longish name? How about simple 'S.G.'?