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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nick Redfern: Proof of Bigfoot -

Nick Redfern ponders what it might mean if we ever do find Bigfoot: Lair of the Beasts: Proof of Bigfoot -

Of course, for witnesses, Bigfoot has been "found" -- they saw it! But what Redfern means of course is that irrefutable proof that will convince the world BF exists. What would that mean for science, industry, infrastructures, and much more.

Others have addressed this, Autumn Williams among them.

I came to the place a long time ago that I fervently hope Bigfoot is never found. . .


eunoterpsiac said...

I'm with you Regan.

I can't think of any positive result that would benefit either humans or Bigfoot by the discovery or procurement of a corpse or even a live specimen. The advancement of science? Umm, I dunno, I guess the Coelocanth (sp) might've just continued to enjoy being extinct until they netted a couple near Malaysia a while back. Now they're probably just going to fish them into real extinction. For me, I'm content to believe that we have a supernatural entity that is happy to exist on the fringes of human understanding, perhaps just to observe or monitor our progress (if we dare call it that) and maybe even step in to our reality once in a while to keep us on our toes. I keep going back to the 'Ra Material' because it explains the situation so well, and so if we accept that our hairy compatriots are not simple, corporeal critters, but a race of beings who must live here with us (even if it's in part an interdimensional relationship) then I think it's best to just share the woods with them respectfully and be thankful for any encounter we may be graced with.

Regan Lee said...


What a beautiful comment, thank you!
(I'm sharing it on my blog Animal Forteana)