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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Blogsquatcher: A Glitch?

In my "follow" list thingie I still have The Blogsquatcher on the list. Even though that blog has been gone now for some time, I kept it on there, hoping that maybe, he would return. That was a great blog. I noticed the other day a new post! Excited, thinking Blogsquatcher has indeed returned to us, I clicked, but found, not The Blogsquatcher, but this: Legend of Bigfoot: Bigfoot

It's not The Blogsquatcher, but a seemingly new blog run by Clark Anderson, who comments in his profile:
i am Clark, i am new here, to set up some blogs & be worldwide
I don't know how one link (Blogsquatcher) came to be this new link; maybe it has something to do with Blogger's set-up -- inactive blogs can be taken over? So, no return of The Blogsquatcher. But maybe this new blog will be something to look forward to.


Lesley said...

It looks like the blog had been deleted, given that there are no past archives. Once you delete your blog someone else can take that addy.

Cullan Hudson said...

You're more optimistic than I am. I'm sorry, but the child-like ESL of "i am Clark, i am new here, to set up some blogs & be worldwide" doesn't auger well for intelligent arguments on the topic of Sasquatch. But I agree: Blogsquatcher was awesome.