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Thursday, October 28, 2010


UPDATE: "Mike" leaves another comment, see comment section at end of this post. (Sigh.) Oh well, we all know to expect this stuff in Bigfoot Land every so often.

Received a comment today on the post I wrote on October 10 on Autumn Williams' work about  Linda Newton Perry at Bigfoot Ballyhoo  and her running the Bigfoot photos, which, turned out to be stills from a movie. (Autumn Willaims: Bigfoot P.I.) The comment that was left today  on that post is from someone calling himself "swamp bandit" and no profile. The comment follows:
I'm Mike the man Autumn Williams wrote about in the book Enoch.
I'm out of the swamp and ready to spill the beans about the book Enoch.
If you want to know more let me know,
I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.
My questions: why me, why not leave this comment on a well known BF research blog instead, and, why leave this comment on this post, rather than the review I wrote about Enoch, for example? The answer is: because, of course, "swamp bandit" is not Mike, possibly associated with the LNP story, and or, a troll. I haven't checked to see if he's left similar comments on other blogs.


swamp bandit said...

I posted here because you are jumping on LNP for her part in a hoax.
Detective Autumn should have done some detective work and checked out my story. Because its all a bunch of crap. I made the whole thing up. I have no love for LNP but people who live in glass houses ( or tar paper shacks) should never throw rocks. I punked her big time its all a tall tale. Not one word I told her is true. The interview on her web site is also made up. Nothing that I told her was the truth. Their is no Skunk Ape named Enoch.

Steven Streufert said...

If this is at all true, all it proves is what a duplicitous liar and fraudulent creep this "swamp bandit" really is; and it says nothing about the author of the book who decided after long and in-depth, earnest conversations to actually trust another human being.

PTD said...

Well, Mr. Streufert said it best I think. The statement made by "Swamp Bandit" only reflects badly upon his own character rather than upon the character of the Bigfoot Investigator who decided to look into his alleged account of "Skunk Apes".

If one takes "Swamp Bandit" at his word that he is indeed a liar...who is to say that "Swamp Bandit" is actually telling the truth now? Perhaps these statements that are being made by him now are all lies.

Then again, perhaps "Swamp Bandit" is a lie...perhaps this person is just some frustrated fellow who has never even seen a swamp other than the one in "The Legend of Boggy Creek". Just utterly ridiculous comments by "Swamp Bandit" in my opinion.

Bab said...

I have no love for LNP but people who live in glass houses ( or tar paper shacks) should never throw rocks. I punked her big time its all a tall tale
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Regan Lee said...

I notice "Bab" has felt the need to spam ("Jewelry Link Exchange"), does not have anything on her/his profile, (neither does "swamp bandit") and, uses the same language as swamp bandit/"Mike". Spoof/hoax/trolling odor in the air. . . the only reason I'm giving the comment any attention at all is to expose the silliness. Other than posting such nonsense for the record, no response is needed; these comments speak for themselves.