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Friday, February 26, 2010

UFO Mystic on Blogsquatcher (and a personal weird BF related event)

UFO Mystic's Greg Bishop has a good post on Blogsquatcher's weird bigfoot piece: Bigfoot and UFOs and the Electromagnetic Spectrum As with the comments on Blogsquatcher, UFO Mystic's comments left by researcher Chris O'Brien, red pill junkie, etc. add to the discussion with considered input. Here's what I commented on Greg's post:
I can't add anything to the previous thoughtful and articulate comments (and posts) except to say, that Blogsquatcher has done an excellent job of presenting these ideas for thought, and discussion. As some of the comments on his blog show, the very act of talking about these weirder aspects of Bigfoot encounters causes some people to go crazy ... so it's always good to see when researchers brave the inevitable criticism and put their ideas out there.

On a personal level, I always wonder: "well, something weird happened, what the hell was it?" And since I refuse to think I'm just nuts (which is possible) something is going on! I'm intrigued by the contrast between the fact of individuals having high strangeness experiences, and the rejection by some researchers of those experiences.
Speaking of "the fact of individuals having high strangeness" I was thinking of not only those I've come across who insist they've had odd things happen in relation to Bigfoot (Stan Johnson, the Conser Lake "monster") but my own little bit of weirdness, that I recently talked a bit about with Mike Clelland. I don't know if the answer lies in a "unified theory" that Chris O'Brien mentions in his comment on UFO Mystic, or what. . . but I do think that, because of the volume of data we have on high strangeness BF encounters (and Yowie, and Yeti, and . . .) it's simply ignorant to ignore that data.

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