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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walking Hairy Trees in Oregon

I recently wrote a piece about the multi-colored entities described as “walking tree stumps” witnessed by young Kathy Reeves in Newport, Oregon in 1966. (Newport, Oregon: A “New” Port(al)?

A Bigfoot sighting in 1999, in McMinnville, Oregon (home of the famous Trent UFO photos; the town hosts an annual UFO Festival every May, this May will be the 10th one) reminded me of the Reeves case thirty years earlier. While not the same kind of event, and not on the coast (McMinnville is approximately a hundred miles from Newport on the coast) the following story does describe the Bigfoot type creature as a “walking tree.”

Date: February 2 1999
Time: night
Several campers at an isolated ranch were sitting around a campfire when they heard some noises in the brush. They went to look and found some weird footprints and followed them. They went through the woods and into a meadow and saw a huge bizarre creature resembling a walking tree, except for the head. The creature was walking through the meadow at a very fast pace. It scurried away as they shone a flashlight at it. Later that night the campers saw a bright light shoot over the area at high speed.

HC addition # 3380
Source: Filer’s Files # 6
Type: D?
High Strangeness Index: 6
Reliability of Source: 7
Comments: The location is indeed the scene of the famous 1950 photographs of farmer Paul Trent.



Compiled by Albert Rosales

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