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Monday, December 8, 2008

High Strangeness Deer Photos

On the Coast to Coast site, three very weird photographs of a dead deer atop a telephone pole. This is very odd: who put it there, and why? If it's a human action, the only reason that makes sense is a sick one; some creep thinking this was amusing or something. You can see the photos here. As weird as this is, I remember coming across other stories along these lines but don't recall where. The brief article that accompanies the photos link to Linda Howe's Earthfiles site for more.

And there is also the very eerie photo of three deer looking into the camera, with two glowing red orbs above. Assuming it isn't faked; photo shopped or something, it's very mysterious. If it is faked, it's still creepy looking.

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drjon said...

Mayhap a Big Cat stashing its prey...