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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Search Phrases

It’s interesting to review the search phrases for my blogs. What i find curious are the ones that seem to be a bit off the wall, or funny, etc. (See Women Of Esoterica.)

For this blog, I find that there a lot of searches, with variations, for Tom Biscardi, chupacabra, and "Georgia Bigfoot hoax." Someone wanted to know about “rickmat creature” I had to laugh at that: “rickmat creature?” Did they mean Rick and Matt, put together, equal a monster of some kind? Heh.

This is a paranormal blog, though I veer off from that when it comes to the mundane side of Sasquatch, like the recent RickMatt-Biscardi Mess. So I was glad to see people searching for “native american fairy,” and lots of searches for a native american/bigfoot connection, as well as “paranormal bigfoot” in general. Also for “giant rock joe fex” who is a researcher that doesn’t seem to get much attention, and a few for Mary Green, Tennessee Bigfoot lady.

This one has me baffled: “Oregon coast squirrels.”

Then there’s “does bigfoot” --- does bigfoot what? Inquiring minds want to know!

“Aliens and bigfoot;”
and both Bigfoot on Mt. Rainer and Mt. Shasta are popular too.

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