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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Return of Tom Biscardi’s Bigfoot Carnival

Tom Biscardi, (who's been taken over by the spirit of Carl Denham)is at it again. (See Biscardi's Bigfoot Carnival.) Another attempt by Biscardi to capture a Bigfoot, this time using a woman as bait. I kid you not.

Team Biscardi are going out, as part of a new television series entitled Strange, to find Bigfoot. All the expected equipment: infrared, DNA collecting thingies, a “heightened sound system,” and a lot of like minded Bigfoot hunters.

But this, this, is too much:
“We are going to try a new tactic this time,” Biscardi said. “We are going to use a woman as bait to lure out the Alpha male.”

Oy vey. (I don't know if anyone's told Biscardi this or not, but it's not King Kong that people have seeing out there, it's Sasquatch.)

They’ve managed to get half the town of Lamar Point in Lamar County involved. Using a woman as bait is bad enough, but The Biscardi Circus isn’t done:
This trip, Biscardi’s team brought along shotgun-propelled darts designed to stick into a creature and drop off after capturing its DNA. The brightly colored darts then can be sent to a lab to find out the ancestry of the creature.

(Source: On the Bigfoot trail ... again, By Bill Hankins of The Paris News)

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