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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Review of Redfern's Man-Monkey!

Monster! The A-Zooform Phenomena blog (title of blog author’s book)

reviews Nick Redfern’s Man-Monkey.
This is a book I have to get for two reasons: one, it’s by Redfern, so that’s the only reason I need, and two, it’s about Man Monkey! A strange “bigfoot” like creature with glowing eyes that haunts the UK. It’s one of those regional crypto tales that I find so intriguing and delicious.


Lesley said...

You should get it. It is an awesomely fun book. I also recommend Monster Hunter and Celebrity Secrets, if you are at all into the FBI files of the rich and famous.

R. Lee said...

Yeah, I've decided to just order it from Amazon. I'll do that later today.

There's too many books to read! :)