There is a Yeti in the back of everyone’s mind; only the blessed are not haunted by it. ~ old sherpa saying

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Bigfoot Comic: Proof

Calgary cartoonist Riley Rossmo has created a new comic book series titled Proof, influenced by The X-Files. The lead character is Sasquatch himself. Rossmo has fashioned his Sasquatch - Bigfoot character on Tarzan/Lord Greystoke. Of what Bigfoot is, Rossmo says:
(Bigfoot) is a wild man, right? He's a primate, and here he's become civilized," Rossmo says. "He's lived for hundreds of years so we can always tell back stories about how he spent some time in the circus, and that's how he got used to being around people. Then somebody bought him from the circus and set him loose and he decided to live (among humans)." Rossmo is a laid-back sort, bordering on shy, but his excitement at telling these weird stories that have been pent up in his head and in his pen for so long is palpable.

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