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Sunday, October 7, 2007

From the BlogSquatcher: Bigfoot Epistemology

Another good post from the BlogSquatcher, this one on a Bigfoot Epistemology. Blogsquatcher (for I don’t see a name anywhere on the blog) has given us a list and definitions of the types of Bigfoot “beliefs” and researchers. Of the Bigfoot is an ape theory he writes:
Bigfoot is an Ape – These folks follow from the earliest investigators, notably John Green and Grover Krantz. They hold that bigfoot is a real creature somehow related to modern apes. They have almost universally held to scientific materialism in their writing. The difference between them and Extreme Skeptics is their exposure to and openness to evidence. Note that this viewpoint doesn’t spring from physical evidence. This is the crowd that supports the idea of bigfoot descending from Gigantopithecus, without any real physical evidence to support this theory (beyond the size of bigfoot).

I think Lisa Shiel and some others would agree.

BlogSquatcher has parsed the “paranormal bigfoot” theories into distinctive categories. Instead of the sort of catch all “paranormal bigfoot” he’s divided these ideas into Paranormal, Inter-dimensional, UFOs, etc.

It’s clear from this post and others the BlogSquatcher knows his or her stuff.


The Blogsquatcher said...

Why thank you! I'm a "he" by the way.. I'm only quasi-anonymous because of my wife's work. It wouldn't do to let the clients google my family name and have a bunch of bigfoot stuff come up.

I've added a link to your blog on my blogroll. Before your site, I had not been able to find a good, easily navigable site for paranormal bigfoot issues. Keep up the good work!

R. Lee said...

You're welcome and thanks for the link back! I enjoy your blog -- good things.