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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bigfoot Recreated and More

Lots of Bigfoot items around lately: The Anomalist has several links to all kinds of entries on Bigfoot. Rather than list a bunch of links here, just check out The Anomalist

I will comment on one piece, and that’s Bigfoot and the repugnance of truth by Ryan Kenneth Peterson. Peterson was a costume designer, and discusses why it’s unlikely in his view the Paterson Gimlin Bigfoot was faked:
In my opinion, the technology and artistry were not available in 1967 to create such a convincing Bigfoot costume. Even if Roger Paterson orchestrated the whole affair and was able to hire John Chambers, the one special make-up effects man on the planet at the forefront of such technology, I would argue it wasn't enough.

On a BBC program broadcast in 1998, they “recreated” the Paterson footage. And concluded, based on this “recreation” that the Paterson Bigfoot was a fake.

Ridiculous, as pointed out, as well as Cryptomundo blog.

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